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Welcome to Maintenance Sure Sanitisation

Maintenance Sure Sanitisation is the leading professional cleaning services provider in Gauteng. With a team of seasoned, trained and professional cleaners at our disposal, you can ensure top-quality services when you choose office cleaning in Gauteng. Providing solutions and products to help you gain a working space that is spotless and liveable, we are the company you can depend on.

We are a home-grown cleaning company dedicated to provide you with tip-top cleaning services in Gauteng. Whatever your concerns and needs are, we make sure to address them. Tailored to meet your needs and budget with the best pricing, we are your choice company in Gauteng.

Are you taking precautions to combat the spread of disease at your facility? Learn more about the current coronavirus, including origins, symptoms, and prevention best practices on the Government CoronaVirus website ( For additional help keeping your employees and your building healthy and safe amid growing concerns of rapidly spreading illness and disease, contact Maintenance Sure Sanitisation. You can rely on us for exceptional service, state-of-the-art equipment, and approved chemicals. (Sasol, FDA, EPA and DQS Management Systems Solutions)

Quick and Effective

30 Second laytime as compared to other solutions (70%) that needs at least 10 minutes laytime to kill viruses.

Reduce Contamination

Touchless application prevents cross-contamination from one surface to another.


We ensure we use the right solution to protect you, your staff and clients.


The machines we use ensure an even coating to eliminate bacteria and viruses

Our Services

Coronavirus Cleaning and Disinfecting Services

The recent COVID-19 outbreak has provided many significant challenges over recent months. As infection numbers decrease and businesses and organizations strive to get back to business, there…

Coronavirus Disinfecting

In addition to your routine commercial cleaning services, add disinfection services at regular intervals to help limit the risk for potential exposure at your business.

General Disinfecting

We use top of market machines that are airless, high production equipment that are built specifically for sanitising, disinfecting and deodarising jobs. Graco’s SaniSpray HP products have been designed to deliver consistent coverage, without …

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Are you busy gearing up to open your business doors well then Sanitising is essential and part of one of the protocols to have in place to keep yourself your biggest assets, your staff, and your clients safe as per Government Regulations.

About us

With over 25 years’ experience in the maintenance services and building industry, and with specialisation in running refurbishments and overhead power lines for corporates such as TSI Eskom for a significant number of years; we pride ourselves in providing quality services for all our clients.

We have specialised training in the maintenance industry and have done more than 26 overhead power lines for established companies within the maintenance industry.

Maintenance Sure prides itself in having a 11.1 safety and responsibility, and duly completing our work on cut off time.  


Get COVID-19 cleaning help from the professionals. Find deep cleaning services, sanitation services, and disinfection services that fit your needs and budget.

We are professionals and your financial strain has been taken into consideration when we quote. We not just a company that will do a once of job. We are a team who are committed to walking the business partnering path with you during this uncertain period we are all facing.

Our products settle and are effective within 30 seconds (95% Alcohol based solution) and the mist is a crisp and clear mist application.

We have two Sanitising options. 95% alcohol based product and a product called Vita 0% alcohol with chemicals that are proven to kill COVID19 by the FDA, EPA and other global institutions that are higher than the SABS Standards. The VITA solution safe to use, especially in the food industry. As we’ve done places like the Pick n Pay and many other and they were pleased with our products and service delivery


Corporate Businesses




Government buildings


Mining houses


Medical & Healthcare Facilities


Schools & Universities


Commercial Kitchens


Houses of Worship


Clean Rooms & R&D Facilities


Construction Cleanup



Why Sanispray HP

Not all sprayers are created equal. Only Graco’s SaniSpray HP sprayers are designed and built specifically to be compatible with your sanitising and disinfecting chemicals and apply with maximum efficiency.


  • Inconsistent coverage with drips and runs
  • Additional step required to wipe area down
  • Small reservoirs require frequent filling


  • Consistent application coverage delivered in high production or fine spray methods
  • Complete surface coverage to meet chemical dwell time requirements
  • Fastest application method—period
  • Choose from a variety of RAC X LP QuickChange tip sizes to meet spray width and speed needs



Delivers the proper atomisation required to quickly and consistently coat surfaces to disinfect and sanitise efficiently


Uniquely built with the highest grade materials that are compatible with disinfectants, sanitisers and deodorisers—unlike traditional airless paint equipment