Company Helps Local Community Homes.

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Serenity Have Frail Care Home

Maintenance Sure Sanitization helps to sanitise Frail Care Serenity Haven in Discovery.

Article by: Tammy Kruger

Pictures by: Tammy Kruger

Maintenance Sure Sanitisation is a company with specialises in sanitising commercial and industrial buildings. On the 19 of May 2020, Maintenance Sure Sanitisation helped to sanitise two frail care homes in the Discovery area.

Frail Care Serenity Haven operates in two houses in the Discovery area. They accommodate most disabilities, young and old. The owner of Maintenance Sure Sanitisation decided to gift a free sanitisation process to the two havens. The sanitisation was done on the 19 of May 2020, and four fantastic workers did the job.

The crew of Maintenance Sure Sanitisation went through every room and sprayed the “Sanispray” which helps to sanitises the area. The “Sanispray” which the team used creates a fine mist which reaches every point in a room, as it is safe on clothing and food. Some patients in the haven failed to understand what was happening, but the crew helped them understand why the whole process was being done. The entire process did not take long, so the team was not in anyone’s way during the period of sanitisation. The workers and patients remained in the building while the process was being done due to its unharmful effects on people.

The solution that was used was Advanced VITA which is a stabilised Hypochlorous (HOCl), it contains no form of alcohol and is, in fact, the only sanitiser available on the market that is 100% non-toxic and can be safely used on the face (eyes, nose, mouth, ears – which are the primary entry and infection points).

Everyone at the Frail Care Serenity Haven was grateful for the free sanitisation which was gifted to them. The workers and the patients are happy that everything is sanitised and is safe to use, with little to no worry about any harmful dangers in the environment around them.

The owner of the two havens was thankful for the gift that he received. “A huge thank you for the sanitisation of the houses”, said George, which is the owner of both the Frail Care Serenity Haven.

Maintenance Sure Sanitization would like to thank and wish the best of luck to George, the nurses and everyone at both Frail Care Serenity Havens.

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